'Goat' Glastonbury set with O visuals

This is the complete BBC footage of Rockets very own 'Goat's set at Glastonbury. 

This was the first of their two sets of the day, the other was at night on the Hell stage. Both sets featured a very 60's psychedelic video performance from myself. 

The lightshow featured pre-recorded handmade authentic oils and slides. Great to see my work showcased on the BBC.


Gonga Concrescence album artwork

This is the back cover for the Bristol heavy rock band 'Gonga' Concrescence album artwork. 

After seeing the Gnod 'Dropout' artwork I produced the band wanted a similar collage style utilising some of their drawings.

The front was a canvas painting with no text so the album came with a sticker attached to the skrinkwrapp hence why they wanted their name and album title on the backcover (picture to come).


Hi-Fiction Science - CD Sleeve

CD artwork for Bristol band Hi-Fiction Science.  The band wanted to use icon images from the Bristol skyline and we designed it to look like a dystopian science journal with a hint of 1960's graphical elements, like Ghost box mets 60's industry graphic design.  Not sure the music itself was captured in this sleeve design, but both the band and the artwork was a process to find their styles.



Rocket Recordings - 10 Year Anniversary Psychedelic Lightshow Visuals

These were a set of photos taken of my psychedelic lightshow visuals for the Rocket Recordings - 10 Year Anniversary show.  

I set up my rig of lamps, video projector, slides and whatever I could get my hands on, taped on bits of card to cover the lenses for use by blanking out the beams in a fast strobing effect (by hand), then improvised, without a laptop in sight, trying to get something to work by reacting to the music by instinct. 

The photo's above are of The Sawdust Caesars, Teeth of the Sea, White Hills and The Heads.


Big Naturals - Musical Equipment Photographs

These were a set of photos taken for the Big Naturals album sleeve.  

The sleeve itself was a giant foldout that was a slight homage to the great Crass sleeves of the 80's. For our sleeve we wanted to break away from the 'punk' aesthetics and feature a more restrained almost jazz looking sleeve as a counterpoint to the music, and the fact that Gareth the bass player plays alot of eastern jazz notes lended itself to the overall look.